ESEE Readies the CR-3.0 for Release Later This Year

ESEE recently revealed the CR-3.0, a redesigned sequel to the Cody Rowen-designed CR-2.5 fixed blade. The new CR-3.0 makes tweaks to the blade, the steel, and the handle, while retaining the original knife’s overall lines and purpose.

With its particular, smallish proportions, the CR-2.5 functioned best in the lighter spectrum of outdoors cutting tasks. Compared to its predecessor, the CR-3.0 boosts the blade length by half an inch, up to an even 3 inches. The bird and trout-style blade shape has been retained, however, and thus CR-3.0 will be best-suited to the same gamut of tasks as the original. Powder metallurgy stainless steel has been a tenet of ESEE’s 2020 releases already, and on the CR-3.0 they’re once again using S35VN as opposed to the 1095 on the 2.5; this will provide obvious improvements in edge retention and corrosion resistance.

There have been equally noticeable changes to the handle shape. While the CR-2.5’s handle was as simple as could be, the 3.0 arrives with more pronounced ergonomic details. The handle’s end has been tapered and curved out to create a bracket shape, and the scales are the new, 3D-contoured ones that ESEE debuted at the beginning of this year. In terms of the sheath, there are changes as well. Instead of the leather pouch number on the 2.5, the 3.0 gives users a choice between two more utilitarian options: either Kydex or poly.

2020 has been a year of thoughtful revision for ESEE so far. They’ve made careful adjustments to existing favorites and a meaningful expansion in the form of the Xancudo fixed blade. And they’re not done yet either: according to the reveal post for the CR 3.0, they’ll have at least one other new product to showcase soon. Both this mystery product and the CR-3.0 will be on display at the rescheduled Blade Show in August.

Cody Rowen is the designer of the CR-3.0 and owner of Rowen Manufacturing, the company that makes all of ESEE’s knives. The CR-3.0 is Rowen’s second knife design to make it into production.

In terms of a release date for the blade, there is no official one given at this time, although ESEE’s Shane Adams gives his best estimate as the September – October window.

Knife in Featured Image: ESEE CR-3.0

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