ESEE Xancudo Fixed Blade Headlines 2020 Releases

ESEE is bringing out a fixed blade version of their popular Zancudo folding knife. Dubbed the Xancudo, the fixed blade leads the way for other additions to the ESEE lineup.

The Xancudo runs to a similar blade length as its folding counterpart: 3 inches compared to the folder’s 2.94. The utility-driven Zancudo blade shape – a drop point with a wide profile and both straight and curved portions – remains more or less unchanged on the Xancudo, but the blade steel has been improved considerably. ESEE chose S35VN steel in lieu of the simpler 1095 seen on the rest of its fixed blade lineup; the power metallurgy stainless will be available on an existing popular model as well as the Xancudo.

ESEE’s handle design for the original Zancudo is also carried forward here. As work-oriented as the blade, it starts with a pinch point behind a prominent finger guard, and then a widens as it moves toward the pommel to create a hand-filling main grip area. The full tang Xancudo comes with G-10 handle scales and, in addition to the standard setup, is offered in a second one with a large oval cutout in the middle of the handle for attachment to a carabiner. With the injection-molded sheath factored in, the Xancudo weighs about 6 oz.

In addition to the Xancudo, ESEE is providing a suite of additional options for other knives in their lineup. The ESEE-3, -4, -5 and -6 models can now all be had with 3D-contoured handle scales. These scales can be made from either Micarta or G-10, and sport a diagonal texturing for grip. Additionally, the ESEE-3 is being given an S35VN blade steel option alongside the Xancudo.

According to ESEE, the new products are expected to be available with dealers in the next few months. No prices have been given at this time.

Knife in Featured Image: ESEE Xancudo