Spartan Blades Launches Price-Conscious Silver Line

Spartan Blades‘s first 2020 project is the Silver Line series of knives. This trio of fixed blades follow the recognizable Spartan Blades design spirit but with reconfigured materials to hit a more affordable price point.

Each of these three Silver Line knives is an original design, targeting a different end user. The smallest of the three is the Alala, an EDC-sized fixed blade with a 3.75-inch drop point. Next up is the Damysus, a 5.5 inch-bladed hard use knife with a similar drop point shape and a large forward finger choil. Finally, the Machai is a pure chopper, with a recurved 6.625-inch blade and sturdy .187 inch blade stock.

For these knives, Spartan went for 1095 Cro-Van, a venerable, reliable carbon steel offering plenty of toughness alongside good edge retention and a receptiveness to maintenance. All three of the Silver Line models come with a black powder coating to shore up 1095 Cro-Van’s susceptibility to corrosion.

Until now, Spartan’s core lineup of fixed blades has been relegated to the high-end realm. Releases like the Hybris and Horkos have always been situated in the upper end of the use-oriented production knife spectrum. While not pure budget knives, the Silver Line products cost less than than other Spartan fixed blades, thanks mainly to that change in blade steel.

Spartan says that the Silver Line knives are being produced by KA-BAR in their Orleans, NY facility. Spartan and KA-BAR officially partnered up last summer to form Pineland Cutlery. The Silver Line knives are marketed as Spartan product but clearly benefit from the combined talent of the two companies.

The Silver Line knives are available now through Spartan Blades.

Knife in Featured Image: Spartan Blades Alala