Community Covers Medical Bills so Member can Keep Knife

The Slipjoint Paradigm Facebook group raised over $2,000 in just two days to help pay for a group member’s medical bills. Late last month, Slipjoint Paradigm member Jeff Randleman offered up a rare traditional knife for sale. It was a very limited special run of the Northwoods Knives Broadway Jack, with the Slipjoint Paradigm logo on the show side cover (shown below). Randleman was loath to part with his Broadway Jack, but the family finances came first.

Randleman was diagnosed with skin cancer a year ago. He had been in remission for several months but ran into a complication that required surgery in May. The medical bills were coming due and to help cover the cost, Randleman needed to sell a few blades, including his Broadway Jack. Within minutes of putting the knife up for sale, Slipjoint Paradigm admin Dan Parke came up with a better idea. Parke suggested that group members chip in to to raise the $100 Randleman was asking for the knife. What started off as a simple sale became a friendly competition within the group to see how much money they could come up with. In two hours, over $400 had been tallied.

Northwoods Knives Broadway Jack

The Slipjoint Paradigm members didn’t stop there. Other sales began to show up within the group, with all proceeds going directly to Randleman. One member started a 50 spot auction for three different knives, including a John Lloyd custom blade. The group’s enthusiasm and dedication to Randleman’s cause paid huge dividends. Within a couple days, they had raised over $2000 – enough to pay for all of Randleman’s medical bills and cover a good deal of the cost associated with travel between his home and the hospital.

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“I’m still speechless,” says Randleman. “Both my wife and I are very grateful and humbled.” Slipjoint Paradigm is a private Facebook group dedicated to the collection and discussion of traditional folders. Randleman has been one of the 800 group members for just over a year. He has met a few fellow members in person, and engaged with many more online.

Thanks to their help, Randleman has been able to keep his knife collection. His special edition Broadway Jack is even more special now. “It’s the most meaningful knife in my collection,” Randleman says. “It will always be right there on the top shelf.”

Knife featured in image: Northwoods Knives Broadway Jack