Pocket Dump at the DNC: Security Forces Favor CRKT

Lt. Frank Borelli, editorial director for SouthComm Law Enforcement Media, recently attended the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia. The retired cop wasn’t there to cover the event for one of the many law enforcement publications he leads. Instead, with his 30 years in law enforcement, an undisclosed television outlet enlisted his services to beef up its security detail.

During downtime at the 3-day event, Borelli checked out the gear the police and private security were carrying and reported his observations in a story for Officer.com, one of the publications he oversees. “Where knives were concerned, virtually everyone I saw was carrying one, if not two, and CRKT seemed to rule the day,” he wrote. Borelli also noticed a few Emersons and Kershaws in attendance, but CRKT M16s and M21s were far more prevalent. “The LARGE majority of the knives I saw clipped in pockets were from CRKT.”

Knives ranged in size from 3.5-inch to 5-inch blades, and Borelli spotted a couple boot knives and smaller fixed blades stashed inside waistbands. “Virtually every person I saw with a knife had the blade available to their non-gun hand – for weapon retention and defense purposes,” Borelli says.

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Borelli told us his personal EDC includes an Emerson Commander he always keeps in his right pocket, and he recently added a Ruger Follow-Through Flipper as a back-up blade. The DNC was more subdued than expected and there was no need to use his knives other than for general utility. “I found that most of the people everyone referred to as ‘protesters’ were just people who weren’t in agreement with the Democrat party platform,” he says. “Bernie supporters? Protesters. Green party? Protesters. Pro-cannabis? Protesters .. The atmosphere was rather relaxed.”