Fans Wait for SpyderCollector Amsterdam Meet Coverage

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s packed to the gills with important knife events. While many North American makers were at Blade Show Texas last weekend, across the pond, Spyderco and a close-knit group of enthusiasts met up for their annual, legendary Amsterdam Meet.

The Amsterdam Meet is unique in the field of knife shows – ‘show’ isn’t really an appropriate designation for it, although it works as an approximation and general classification. The Meet is a chance for the Spyderco crew to mingle with avid fans; naturally this means showing off prototypes. Some of these prototypes are close to release, others have been in the workshop long enough to have to start paying rent. Despite its small size, it really is one of the most important knife events of the year for anybody interested in one of the production knife world’s preeminent experimenters.

For those of us not lucky enough to make it to Amsterdam for the Meet, Mr. Blonde, AKA Wouter, AKA SpyderCollector, is our key man on the ground. Photography and video is not allowed in general at the Meet, but Wouter, who has been in the Spyderco inner circle for many years now, is the one exception, and the unofficial official chronicler of the Meet. Spyderco allows him to take footage of certain of the knives on display, which he then publishes, alongside specs, information, and his general impressions, on his long-running blog.

The Meet was held on Sunday, February 25th, but we have a little bit longer to wait before we can see Wouter’s coverage; he has said on social media that he’s waiting until after IWA, another famous European knife event, to run its course this coming weekend, before he puts up anything from Amsterdam.

But stay tuned, once Wouter uploads his work we will go live with a notification here, and links to his blog for more information.

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