Filmmaker to Profile EDC Community in New Documentary

Director Matt Manteiga of SkyDefinition Motion Pictures is currently filming EveryDay Carry: The Official Documentary (EDCD). The film aims to provide an overview of the EDC community for a global, mainstream audience. To help finance the film, SkyDefinition is promoting its second Kickstarter campaign with a more realistic goal and a greater focus on premium products after the initial crowdfunding campaign failed to gain traction.

Appearances of plastic fidget spinners in the original EDCD movie poster generated an adverse reaction from the knife community. Manteiga says in retrospect the response makes sense. The low quality and poor design of the popular product left a bad taste in the mouths of knife enthusiasts. “The plastic spinner fad was a huge misrepresentation. That’s why the reaction was so strong,” he tells us. “We decided it would be better to retool the perception people had regarding the content of the film and to reorganize the budget to make the vision more attainable.”

The plastic spinner may be dead, but Manteiga confirms that high-end spinners and other fidget items still figure into the film – but only those of superlative quality. “The majority of the world has an inaccurate representation of what a fidget spinner actually is. We have some of the top spinner makers in our film to set the record straight.” Many knife users think of spinners as inherently useless no matter the price, but Manteiga is confident EDCD will showcase their merits as hand-crafted pieces of art. “Call this a learning experience,” he says. “We want to bring the EDC community closer together.”

Manteiga and his crew are conducting more than 50 hours of interviews with over 35 top-flight makers of EDC items. In addition to knives, flashlights, pens, knucks, pry tools and more are getting the big screen treatment. Touching on each type of item in adequate detail means that EDCD will have a run time of over 2.5 hours.

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Knife industry stars lending their perspective include Serge Panchenko, Ken Onion, Jens Ansø, and Lucas Burnley. “Knives play such a huge role,” Manteiga explains. “We’ll go into the custom makers and also cover the more mainstream production stuff. If you’re a knife guy you’ll love this film.”

The Director is confident about EDCD’s mainstream appeal as well. Sample screenings to general audiences received positive reactions, and EDCD will be entered into international film festivals. The end goal is to land a major distribution deal. “We need to get it in front of a global audience and show the world this passionate community. With this all-star cast, it’ll be unstoppable,” Manteiga says. The leftover footage could help side projects in the same vein. Manteiga also has plans to produce MAKERS, a series of 45-minute documentaries showcasing individual craftsmen. “It will definitely still happen if EDCD catches on.”

EDCD is expected to wrap by May 2018. The Kickstarter campaign is live now and ends on October 26th.

Image courtesy of Serge Panchenko