Introduces Spyderco Native 5 G-10 Exclusive

Presented by is adding to their series of Spyderco exclusives with a new G-10 Native 5. This latest variant boasts lightweight construction, a unique green coloration, and high-performance steel.

The original Native debuted in 1996 as part of a proposed partnership with Wal-Mart. It was drawn up to be an affordable US-made knife that could be sold in big box stores across the country. That deal fell through, but Spyderco recognized the potential of the design and started producing the Native at their Golden, CO facility. Over the course of more than 20 years, it has become a recognizable mainstay in the company’s lineup, sitting alongside the Delica and Endura as a go-to EDC for users, as well as a collectible model with many variants for fans.

KnifeCenter Exclusive Spyderco Native 5

The Native 5 is dressed in forest green G-10, a never-before-seen coloration for the model. But the real surprise lies in what’s under the hood – or, more accurately, what isn’t. One potential disadvantage the G-10 Native 5 faces compared to the FRN model is the presence of stainless steel liners, which offer additional strength but also make for a heavier knife. Here, opted for linerless construction on this Native. The decision saves more than half an ounce compared to a standard G-10 Native, with the exclusive weighing in at just 3.1 oz.

They then paired a heavy duty steel with the lightweight construction. The Native 5’s 2.95” leaf blade is outfitted with S90V, a super steel which places a heavy emphasis on edge retention. Users who resist the temptation to put too fine an edge on it will find that, with a coarser cutting bevel, S90V becomes an aggressive, long-lasting steel. This iteration marks the first time that the super steel has appeared on a G-10 Native 5.

> > Keep your folders awesome. Grab a Pack of 5 Microfiber Blade Sleeves for $8.99 < < continues to expand their growing stable of Spyderco exclusives. 2016’s exclusive orange/S35VN Positron kicked off a year-long run of special editions that culminated over the summer when the KnifeCenter Pakkawood Delica and Endura models were released. They tell us a second run of the Pakkawood Delica is expected in 2018.

Spyderco has been busy with Sprint Runs of its own lately. The latest to release is a new Paramilitary 2 with carbon fiber scales and a 52100 carbon steel blade.

Knife featured in image: KnifeCenter Exclusive Native 5 G-10