Gerber Shard Line Expands This Month with XL Variant

Just call us One Piece Multitool News today: Gerber just made a larger companion piece to the Shard, their longstanding OPMT. Meet the Shard XL, a larger take on the keychain-friendly original, with a different set of tools in addition to the modulated size class.

The original Gerber Shard did everything you expect from an OPMT: it delivered a handful of useful functions in an affordable, durable package that could be picked up at big box stores, as well as fulfill the role of a late night impulse buy for browsing EDCheads, who want to have a new tool to look forward to but don’t want to break the bank. Within its small frame, the Shard gave users a prybar/nail puller, a flathead driver, bottle opener, wire stripper and a 3D Phillips driver. With a price under ten dollars, that’s a lot of bang for the buck.

The aluminum scale option has a topographical motif on it

The Shard XL does things a little differently. The first difference is the size: at four inches in length, it’s quite a bit larger than the 2.75-inch original. The extra length appears to have been added to make the pry bar easier to use; and the additional leverage afforded here makes for a more robust, capable tool as well. Most of the aforementioned Shard tools are included here too: there’s a wire stripper, two flathead drivers, the pry bar/nail puller, and a bottle opener.

Notably absent on the XL is the 3D Phillips driver, but it does have something the original didn’t: a pocket clip. Now the first Shard was obviously designed for keychain carry, so it didn’t need a pocket clip, but the XL, while still feasible on a keyring, seems best suited to pocket carry – maybe even in a back or watch pocket. Additionally, the Shard XL also has a decorative front scale, that can be made from either Micarta or aluminum.

The Gerber Shard XL is available now, with an MSRP of $25.

Featured Image: Gerber Shard XL

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