GiantMouse Comes out with the Capable Corta

GiantMouse’s newest ACE model, the Corta, released today. The Corta’s profile helps it stand out from its GiantMouse peers, but like many of them it boasts well-rounded everyday carry and outdoors capabilities.

The ACE line kicked off in 2018 with the release of the Biblio; since then GiantMouse has been releasing more ACE models at a steady clip. These days, it’s a significant portion of the company’s overall catalog, with more ACE releases by far than super premium pieces under the ‘main’ GM line. And as it has grown in scope, the ACE line became more diverse, with lower-priced models riding alongside some fancied-up numbers that are almost as high-end as the limited run GM stuff.

The Corta comes in two different colors of Micarta

The Corta falls right into the middle with its specs, materials, and pricing. Its 3.1-inch blade is made from M390, a reliable powder metallurgy performer. Design duo Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Anso created a drop point reminiscent of classic puukko lines, but flat ground, with a large choil between the end of the edge and the finger guard. Opened only with a flipper, the Corta’s blade also rides on the expected ball bearing pivot.

Moving onto the handle, we see Vox and Anso trying something a little different. Compared to some of its more curvaceous cousins, the Corta’s handle has harder lines, with a straight run on the bottom side capped by two shallow, sharp grooves. The scales are an ACE line classic, however, canvas Micarta available in either green or natural coloration. There’s a liner lock in place, and the ever-reliable deep carry wire pocket clip too; the Corta comes in with a weight of 3.8 oz.

The Corta is available now. It will also be headed out to GiantMouse dealers as well.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Corta