New Fixed Blade Family Arrives from Cold Steel

Cold Steel just brought out one of their first big releases for 2022, a family of three fixed blades called the Razor Tek line. Available in three different sizes, the Razor Tek brings an aggressive design and burly general dimensions no matter which one users choose.

As is standard practice when we discuss a group of related knives, we’ll go over what they have in common before addressing the differences. All three Razor Tek fixies have full tang bodies and the same bracket-style handle design, covered by contoured GFN scales with a topographical texturing. Secure-Ex sheaths are included with all three models, and the blade steel is the same across the line: 4116 stainless. 4116 is a highly stainless steel (which is one reason it’s often used in medical and culinary equipment), but also undoubtedly an entry-level formulation.

In some ways, the smallest Razor Tek, the 4″ model, differs most from its family members. Not only is it the smallest knife, with a 4-inch blade, but the blade shape itself deviates from the one shared between its two bigger brothers. Here we see a straight putt drop point blade, slender and capable and, with .118″ stock, fairly stout for its size. Cold Steel bills this one as an EDC choice, but we reckon it could also flex into a good hiking companion or backup knife for extended outdoors sojourns.

Mama Bear is the Razor Tek 5″ which, as you have no doubt already deduced, has a blade length of five inches. But we also see the difference in blade shape: the Razor Tek 5″ has a more bulbous drop point, with a pronounced recurve that gives the knife an almost kukri-esque profile. The Razor Tek 5″ does have the same .118″ stock as its little brother, but this one probably is out of the realm of EDC for all but the most rugged individuals.

The Razor Tek 6.5″ not only offers an inch and a half more of cutting edge, but beefs up the blade stock even further, all the way to .2″ thick. This makes it the Razor Tek of choice for heavy work, and a solid choice for outdoors chopping/hacking.

The Razor Tek models are arriving with dealers now. MSRP for the 4″ is $99, $129 for the 5″, and $199 for the 6.5″.

Knife in Featured Image: Cold Steel Razor Tek Family