GiantMouse Creates Four-Course Meal of Kitchen Knives

GiantMouse’s next big project just hit their shelves: the creation of a kitchen knife line. Four models are in the inaugural class, aiming for a price point, style, and performance level on par with the company’s main ACE lineup.

We’ve seen so many companies enter into the kitchen knife genre, or refine or expand their existing models in the category. Sometimes these efforts hew closely to the standard kitchen knife forms, while others enter the fray with a more personal visual identity. Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Anso, the two design minds powering the GiantMouse brand, opted for the latter approach, putting their unique spin on four kitchen knife archetypes.

The biggest of the four is their Chef Knife, with an 8.37-inch cutting edge and a profile that, while evocative of the typical Western chef knife, has a bit more of a drop point vibe to it. Then there’s the Santoku, with a 6.75 inch blade – smaller, but still big enough to be a do-all kitchen companion. The dip in the spine here reminds us a bit of some of Anso’s solo work, like the Spyderco Pingo or Rock Lobster. The 5.58-inch Carving Knife has a similar profile to the Chef Knife, but wider; finally, the Paring Knife is baby bear, with a 4.2-inch blade that looks to be nice and nimble.

All four knives have the same materials. The blade steel is Nitro-B, a German stainless that, as the name indicates, leverages a little bit of nitrogen to enhance its performance. The scales are made from green canvas Micarta, sporting a three groove pattern cut into them in a visual nod to some of the other non-culinary fixed blades in the GiantMouse catalog.

The four GiantMouse kitchen knives are available now, separately or all together. They released alongside one additional accessory, a bamboo magnetic knife bar.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Santoku

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