Benchmade Serves up Limited Edition Kitchen Knives

Benchmade’s latest release is another limited edition: this time they’ve served up elaborate new versions of two standbys of their kitchen knife collection. Both the Station Knife and the 3-Piece Set have been given a serious makeover, complete with trendy boutique carbon fiber.

Both the Station Knife and the 3-Piece Set released in the fall of 2021. For Benchmade, it was a massive expansion to their culinary knife offerings, which consisted of just the Meatcrafter and Table Knife up until then – so really the dual release increased the Benchmade kitchen collection by 200%. The Station Knife was the more “Benchmade-y” of the two, a sporty take on the santoku that was very much in line with the in-house style of the company’s EDC and outdoors knives. The 3-Piece Set, meanwhile, was a bread and butter offering, giving users a Chef, Utility, and Paring knife together – a kind of kitchen starter set.

Both products could be ordered with 440C or CPM-154 steel, and handle scales made from various flavors of G-10, Richlite, or a standard black carbon fiber. While the production was not limited in itself, these knives were available through Benchmade’s custom shop only, assembled by hand and sporting the SelectEdge treatment.

What’s different here? Well it’s not the steel, which is still CPM-154. But it comes with a unique DLC coating, and, on the show side, a topographical design drawn on top of it. The scales come from FatCarbon, popular purveyor of custom carbon fiber configurations. The one here is called Copper Camo, so named due to the camouflage-like swirls and whorls made from element no. 29.

These knives were teased earlier this month and released yesterday. Each of the two products are limited to just 100 pieces.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade Fat Carbon Station Knife

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