We to Bring New GTC Design out Later This Year

We Knife Co. brought out the big guns for Blade Show this year. They had a slew of new stuff under both the Civivi and main We lines; one standout in the latter group was the Solid, a collaboration with Gustavo T. Cecchini that also snagged one of the production Blade Show Awards.

Cecchini, who makes customs under the shop name of GTC Knives, has a long-established reputation for impressive knives, high-end folders infused with artistic sensibility in both their visual design and mechanical complexity. The Solid looks like an homage to what is perhaps the most recognizable GTC custom, the Airborne. Like that vaunted piece, the Solid has a compound grind tanto-ish blade; in this case it measures 3.88 inches in length.

That’s a sizeable amount of cutting edge, and it is deployed solely through another GTC original: the Spring-Loaded Tab, or SLT. A small, inline tab is pressed down like a light switch, activating a main spring that actually launches the blade out. The blade steel on this bad boy is CPM-20CV, the old standby for high-end We Knife Co. releases.

As the name “Solid” implies, the handle here is made from a single piece of machined titanium. The pared back profile brings the Airborne to mind once again, as does the geometrical faceting on both sides of the handle. A frame lock is in place and works just like you’d expect it to; a non-reversible, sculpted titanium pocket clip resides on the off-side.

The Solid won Best Collaboration Knife in the Blade Show production knife awards. That wasn’t the only award for Cecchini, who also won Most Innovative Knife on the custom competition for his new Enigma model, which can be disassembled without any tools whatsoever.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Solid

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