Kershaw Upgrades the DuraLock Iridium with New Special Edition

Kershaw has cooked up something special for this coming week, with the imminent release of an upgraded version of their DuraLock Iridium folder. Upgraded materials on both the blade and handle make this new exclusive stand out.

Released just earlier this year, the Iridium was one of four knives in the inaugural class of DuraLock knives. The DuraLock is Kershaw’s version of an Axis Lock-style crossbar mechanism; if you’ve used that Williams-McHenry classic you’ll be right at home with the DuraLock. There’s a crossbar that is moved up into a notch on the blade tang thanks to a pair of springs. The crossbar can be accessed through cutouts on both the front and back scales, meaning that the DuraLock (like the Axis Lock) was full ambidextrous by design.

Beyond introducing users to Kershaw’s latest locking device, the Iridium won acclaim for its broadly useful design; it fell into a specific price and use category that Kershaw has long excelled at. In fact, the Iridium won the Best Buy award at Blade Show earlier this month.

Now about those upgrades. The original Iridium’s D2 blade was certainly capable of long bouts of work, but the premium Iridium goes for CPM-20CV instead. This stuff is not only a fully stainless steel (D2 is not), but boasts better edge retention than D2 as well. And in classic “knife upgrade” fashion, we see the standard aluminum scales swapped out for a pair of titanium ones. The deep carry pocket clip is the same as on the original flavor, but the ti model is about half an ounce heavier, tipping the scales at 3.8 oz.

In terms of availability, the titanium Iridium is going up exclusively on the Kershaw website, and will be available for three days, June 20th – 23rd. The MSRP is $299 but Kershaw will be letting it go for $169 – which may indicate that, after the introductory period, the limited edition will still be available at that higher price.

Knife in Featured Image: Kershaw Titanium Iridium

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