GiantMouse Releases Second Knife in Accessible ACE Series

The Nimbus, second knife in GiantMouse’s ACE series, has just been released. Affordability and accessibility have been prioritized in the ACE products, but without a drop in performance.

GiantMouse, a joint label between knife makers Jens Ansø and Jesper Voxnaes, made its name with a series of high-end, limited production knives. Once a certain model was gone, it was gone for good. The low volume, combined with the well-deserved but hefty price tag, kept GiantMouse products out of the hands of many. But the ACE series utilizes humbler handle materials like G-10 and Micarta to create relatively affordable alternatives in the same one-of-a-kind GiantMouse style. “In general, we wanted to make our knives available to a broader audience of people,” explains GiantMouse’s Jim Wirth. “New owners can get into the brand through ACE.”

The first ACE release, the Biblio, took a lot of design cues from the GM1 folder. But the Nimbus is a completely fresh design. Available in either black or green G-10, the Nimbus’ 3 inch drop point blade rides on bearings and opens through a tapered opening hole as seen on the GM1 and GM2. GiantMouse maintained the high performance M390 blade steel of its premium products on the Nimbus, but outfitted it with a deep carry wire clip rather than a sculpted titanium one. A knife meant for hard work, the Nimbus is named after a famous 20th century Danish motorcycle. “”They were super cool motorcycles, and extremely utilitarian by design. They would just run forever,” Wirth explains. “The Nimbus is a knife you can take into the mountains or throw in your toolbox.”

Wirth says we can expect another 2-3 ACE releases this year. He can see the possibility of other GiantMouse knives getting a variant release through ACE. “We come out with these great designs in the GM line that people eventually can’t get anymore. ACE gives us the ability to reintroduce variations of those designs, as well as completely new designs, in unlimited production.” However, he doesn’t expect the design process to move upstream; if a design comes out first through ACE as with the Nimbus, it likely won’t see a main line counterpart. “It all comes down to listening to our customers. But I have a feeling that Jens and Jesper want to keep the GM line for introducing new designs.”

As for that main GiantMouse line, new releases will keep coming there as well. We were also told that a new batch of the GMF-1 fixed blade will be released with a different steel than was used on the first two runs.

The Nimbus is available now.

Knife featured in image: GiantMouse Nimbus in Black G-10