Tashi Bharucha Draws Up Four-Knife T Series for Reate

Tashi Bharucha is teaming up with Reate once again for the T Series, a line of four knives. The knives are united by Bharucha’s signature style, but each model in the T Series brings something different to the table.

The four T Series models’ numbers corresponds to their blade size (4000 = 4 inches, 3500 = 3.5 inches, etc.). Bharucha himself first turned heads by teasing the T4000, the largest knife in the line. “[It] does not pretend to be anything other than a stabbing pocket sword,” he tells us. Bharucha often plays with unusual blade shapes but the T4000’s broad, four-inch dagger blade – complete with symmetrical fuller – breaks new ground for him. “I loved putting a totally symmetrical dagger blade in my signature handle style,” Bharucha says.

The 3500 goes down half an inch in blade length from its bigger brother, but still has plenty of attitude. “It’s a small beast with a lot of blade for that size,” says Bharucha. The T3500 straddles the line between utility and tactical, but Bharucha considers the T3000 to be the sweet spot in terms of standard EDC. “I used it all summer and actually sent some modifications to Reate to make the thumb ramp on the blade a little larger,” he explains. “It’s going to be a great user.” Finally, the tiny T2500 drops beneath three inches in blade length for those in need of a high-end, low profile knife. “It is a non-threatening, rather cute knife.”

(L to R) T2500, T3000, T3500, and T4000

(L to R) T2500, T3000, T3500, and T4000

Designing four different yet related knives was no easy feat, but one that Bharucha eagerly embraced. “I thought it would be fun to work with four different sizes with the same set of lines, and different applications for each knife.” Although each individual T Series knives clearly belongs to the same family, the design process required that Bharucha start from step one every time. “It’s not as simple as just scaling up and down,” he says. “You have to start each design from scratch and work from hand morphology. Also, in this case the blade shape changed with each knife.”

Bharucha thinks that the final results were worth the effort. “I know as a collector, if I liked the series, I would have a very hard time getting just one or two out of the four,” he notes. By varying the size, blade shape, and intent of each model, Bharucha reckons he’s created a heightened incentive for fans to pick up more than one. In addition, the range makes them a perfect entry point. Customers can pick the Bharucha design that fits their life the best. “That’s what nice about offering this range…you get to pick your flavor according to your lifestyle.”

Final materials, pricing, and release date for the T Series is yet to be determined.