GiantMouse Turns Frame Lock Sonoma into Liner Lock for V2

The GiantMouse ACE Sonoma is returning in a second, more affordable version. Dubbed the Sonoma V2, this line expansion comes with alterations to the materials and mechanics, but retains the core Jens Anso/Jesper Voxnaes design that has been in GiantMouse’s lineup, in one form or another, since 2017.

Released in 2019, the original Sonoma was a spiritual sequel to the GM3, a premium GiantMouse design that came out in 2017. At the time, the GM3 was a pretty stark departure from the prior GiantMouse folders; the slim design looked more gentlemanly, while still being something that could function in the outdoors. The Sonoma made some minor tweaks to the GM3’s design: the lanyard loop was moved, the clip changed, the blade length altered, and the secondary nail mark opener removed. Despite its entry into the more price-conscientious ACE line, the Sonoma still came with full titanium scales and M390 steel, just like its older brother.

Now, with the advent of the Sonoma V2, we’re seeing the most price-conscious version of the knife yet. The titanium scales are gone, replaced by contoured scales made from either green or natural canvas Micarta; the swapped scales preclude a frame lock, so the V2 has a liner lock instead. The 3.4-inch drop point blade shape returns, but in this case it is made from Elmax instead of M390 steel. And finally, gone is the sculpted titanium clip, replaced by the same loop over wire clip seen on other ACE knives like the Iona and the Clyde.

These changes don’t alter the fundamental character of the Sonoma; this is still a sleek EDC or lightweight outdoors knife. But speaking of weight, the material differences do make the V2 significantly lighter. It tips the scales at 2.8 oz., which is nearly a full ounce less than the Ti model. The V2’s price tag has also been lowered to correspond to its (relatively) humbler materials. With a sub-$200 MSRP, it falls into the same mid-tier category that GiantMouse has been pursuing with releases like the Clyde.

The Sonoma V2 is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: GiantMouse Sonoma V2

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