Great Eastern Cutlery Goes Big with Latest Release

Great Eastern Cutlery is rolling out the #97 Allegheny slipjoint this week. The latest pattern from the Titusville, PA traditional knife juggernaut is a larger, single-blade workhorse model.

The cutting edge on the 97 measures a sizable 3.75 inches long. Across the six configurations this release comes in, the blade shape remains the same: GEC’s recognizable clip point. Seen in models like the Tom’s Choice Barlow and more recently the Buffalo Jack, this clip drops dramatically towards the tip in a long swedge. Collectors, users, and miscellaneous fans of GEC will not be surprised at the steel choice: 1095, which has been the historically-minded maker’s preferred steel in most of its many releases.

The handle pattern on the 97 is what is called a ‘Coke Bottle’ shape; think of it as a sleeveboard pattern with a dip in the middle of the handle. In keeping with the generally scaled-up dimensions of the 97, the handle measures 4.75 inches long. Naturally the 97 is clipless.

GEC runs its patterns through multiple internal lines, and the 97 is coming out in both Tidioute and Northfield iterations. The differences lie in material choices and a slight tweak to the blade shape. The Northfield comes in yellow rose bone, Gabon ebony, and stag, and the blade is saber ground with both a crescent nail mark and a French cut. Tidioute 97s are available in maroon linen Micarta, autumn gold jigged bone, and jigged Brazilian cherry; this last model is called the “Beaver Tail,” for reasons that are obvious when you look at it, and it has a special beaver shield.

For fans of single-blade traditionals, 2019 has been a good year so far. Before the 97, GEC released the medieval-themed Templar and its companion piece, the wharncliffe-bladed Pemberton. These two knives also had a Coke bottle handle.

Knife in Featured image: Great Eastern Cutlery 97 Allegheny

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