Dervish Knives Bringing Out New EDC Fixed Blade

Dervish Knives is using Kickstarter to bring out a new fixed blade, the Wyrm. The Wyrm takes full advantage of the fixed blade genre to create a minimalist, all-purpose EDC.

For many users, size is among the most important considerations when deciding what knife is going into their pocket. John Gonzalez, the man behind Dervish Knives, says the Wyrm’s petite dimensions make it an ideal EDC user. “I see it as a minimalist solution to carrying a knife,” he explains. “It’s small and easy to fit in secondary pockets in clothing, and drops into incidental sections of bags and purses.”

Although small, measuring just 6 inches long overall, Gonzalez tried to squeeze as much performance as he could out of the Wyrm’s diminutive form factor. Its drop point blade is all belly, with a harpoon-like swedge and, behind that, a subtle dip for the thumb to rest during hard cuts. With a cutting edge of just 1.63 inches, the Wyrm’s blade to handle ratio highly favors the handle, which Gonzalez says is by design. He tells us that the ergonomics and fixed blade form factor come together to make a knife that punches well above its size class. “Honestly, I’d say 99% of anything people use a large folder for can be done just as easily –or more easily–  with a Wyrm. I will say that it really excels at fine cutting and slicing applications. It is really easy to control and manipulate.”

Gonzalez is fashioning the Wyrm from a single piece of AEB-L stainless steel. The knife comes with a Kydex sheath that slips over the blade, but a sculpted titanium pocket clip provides the actual method of carry – and, because it runs along the length of the handle, also functions as a sort of scale, filling out the in-hand grip. “The Wyrm is surprisingly light and agile, and just feels natural in your hand,” Gonzalez affirms.

Dervish Knives has been steadily growing since 2001. In speaking to KnifeNews Gonzalez shared a bit of his plans for the rest of 2019. He tells us that he intends to roll out more midtech releases and keep chipping away at the custom orders on his books. He also has a production model based on his Navajo design coming out with BladeRunners Systems later this year. “I’ve handled the prototypes and was impressed with the quality. They are going to be really nice. I can’t say exactly when they’ll be finished, but I’m guessing by summer.”

The Wyrm is up on Kickstarter now with a humble goal of $7500.

Knife in Featured image: Dervish Knives Wyrm