Elijah Isham Back with Another Affordable Flipper

Elijah Isham and Civivi are back at it again with the Plethiros, a lightning fast followup to last month’s Anthropos model. This second outing scales some things up and others down compared to its predecessor.

Isham created an organic, almost Ken Onion-esque blade shape for the Anthropos, a wide blade with a dramatic belly. Visually, his Plethiros’s modified drop point is slenderer, with an elongated tip that gives the whole knife an aerodynamic, streamlined look. The blade’s length is 3.45 inches, a boost of .3 inches over the Anthropos. Civivi kept the steel choice the same: semi-stainless D2 steel.

The Plethiros humpbacked handle shape arcs gently up from the pivot and narrows as it comes to the back end of the knife. Nearly every outside edge on the handle has been hit with cutouts and hard lines, and the two-tone, three-dimensional handle, comprised of carbon fiber laid on G-10, completes the fractal look. Despite the bigger blade, the Plethiros’s overall design means that saves about a tenth of an ounce over its predecessor; it weighs 3.17 oz.

Users will open the Plethiros via an inline flipper tab, which is quickly becoming a signature for Isham. We saw it on the Anthropos, not to mention the WE Eschaton and Kizer-made Theta. Even the WE-produced Blackstar, from Isham’s personal line, featured a similar mechanism.

Over the course of just a couple months Isham has gone from having no budget-friendly releases, to having two of them. Civivi tells us to expect a similar price point on the Plethiros as on the Anthropos, with availability at dealers beginning later this month.

Knife in Featured image: Civivi Plethiros

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