We Knife Co. Drafts Elijah Isham for Two Radical Designs

We Knife Co. and designer Elijah Isham are teaming up for two back-to-back releases, the Eschaton and the Zeta. Both knives are flippers with thumb cutouts but the Eschaton features an innovative frame that makes it an extremely lightweight folder for its size.

With the Eschaton, Isham is introducing what he calls a ‘sub-integral’ frame design. As with any integral, the titanium portion of the knife is a single piece. But Isham completed the upper section of the handle by attaching large carbon fiber bolsters to the integral half-frame. “I did it solely for the purpose of having two separate materials, and it’s also great for weight reduction,” he explains. Isham tells us most 4-inch blade integrals weigh somewhere over five ounces, but the Eschaton tips the scales at a mere three ounces – the same weight as a Small Sebenza.

The Eschaton’s M390 blade is closest to a wharncliffe shape, but multiple grinds, cutouts, and even a fuller combine to create a look like no other. “I segmented the cutting edge into two sections, one straight portion against the choil for close cutting, then the forward edge with a slight recurve for grabbing cord and biting into harder materials,” Isham says.

The more conventional but still stylish Zeta joins the avant-garde Eschaton as Isham’s second We Knife Co. collaboration. It’s also a large knife, with a 3.9-inch Persian style M390 blade and a titanium bolster lock. Isham says the aggressive blade style holds a lot of appeal for him. “It has the look of intent, and it’s very functional for both utility and self defense.”

When Isham hit the production knife scene with the Kizer Megatherium, he turned heads with his emphasis on surreal style. He believes that if a designer doesn’t emphasize the visual appeal of his knives, they won’t stand out from the pack. “Collectors are almost over-stimulated at the moment with what’s available, the only thing that will catch their eye is something radically different,” he says. “At the end of the day they’re all just knives and they all do the same thing, so you might as well make each one unique.”

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In 2012, Isham began designing knives that were very different than the blades he cooks up today. “You wouldn’t think it looking at my current work but I started by designing bushcraft knives,” he tells us. He transitioned to designing folders and hasn’t slowed down since. Isham works with others to produce his designs, but the day when we see handmade Isham customs may not be far away. “I plan on getting into knife making soon, I’ve been slowly gathering equipment for the past few years. By the end of the year, hopefully I’ll start to make some things.”

The Eschaton and the Zeta are scheduled for release by the end of the year, both with a price tag around the $300 mark.

Knife featured in image: We Knife Co. Eschaton