Olamic Tactical Follows Up 247 with the Swish

Olamic Tactical is following up their popular Wayfarer 247 with the Swish, their second low-volume production model. The new knife builds on the success of the 247 with another striking design and a series of mechanical enhancements.

When the the 247 was introduced last year it brought a new wave of knife collectors to the high-end market. “For a lot of people the 247 was their first nice knife,” says Eugene Solomonik, founder of Olamic. The knife had a remarkable run, winning high acclaim from many different quarters. Solomonik and his crew wouldn’t settle for a sophomore slump. They say the Swish had to live up to the high bar set by the 247. “That’s a lot of pressure,” he tells us. “We couldn’t just release the same thing in a different shape.”

So when they hit the drawing board to create the Swish, Olamic went even bigger and bolder. The Swish brings Olamic’s clean, refined style into a larger overall package. The most striking feature is a sweeping 3.8-inch Elmax blade that is optimized for slicing. Though it’s bigger, the Swish weighs less than its smaller predecessor (4.7 oz. compared to 5 oz.). The company says the lighter weight is a result of a deliberate effort to augment its machining capabilities. “We learned a lot about production and manufacturing and the EDC community,” Solomonik says. “We took that knowledge and applied it to the Swish to make the user experience even better.”

Olamic Tactical entered the high-end production knife market to give customers a premium product they weren’t afraid to use. Still, their custom roots show through in the menu of options available for the Swish. “We didn’t want to make all our Swishes exactly the same,” Solomonik says. Olamic will release Swishes with different finishes and high-end touches, but is also opening up its shop for customer requests. Intricate milling patterns, inlays, various anodizations and finishes – Olamic is prepared to modify your Swish in almost any way. “We turn it into a new knife basically,” Solomonik explains. “We’re super excited to see what people are going to ask for and what we can do with it.”

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For now, Olamic is focused on the Swish but two more models are under development. Although both the 247 and the Swish are large knives, the upcoming Soloist is going to be Olamic’s dedicated tactical offering. “It will be overbuilt on top of a truly tactical, scary design,” Solomonik promises. Fans of sub-3.5” knives will have to wait a little bit longer. Solomonik says a smaller folder is in the works but he wouldn’t reveal further details at this time.

The Swish will be available through Olamic’s website and it won’t be long before you can pick one up from a leading dealer. Prices start at $465.

Knife featured in image: Olamic Tactical Swish