Great Eastern Cutlery Readies the Beer & Sausage Knife for Release

Great Eastern Cutlery‘s latest release is the #35 Beer & Sausage Knife. This is a brand new model for the company that takes a quirky approach to multifunctionality. The 35 was preceded by the long-awaited return of a GEC classic, the #33 Conductor

#35 Beer & Sausage Knife

Whereas the Conductor adhered very strictly to traditional knife design history, the Beer & Sausage Knife is a bit more playful. Built on the #35 chassis, which we first saw on the Calf Pen Jack and the Churchill models, it replaces those knives’ loadouts with something a little different.

You still get a main blade, in this case a spear point very much in the GEC tradition; but the other end is equipped with folding fork and comb tools. The comb also comes with a small protrusion that GEC is calling the “Beard Refuse Removal Tool.” All three tools are made from 1095 carbon steel; the blade and fork open with nail marks, while the Beard Refuse Removal Tool itself serves as the deployment method for the comb.

#33 Conductor

The Conductor pattern is a simple one: a two-blade jack knife with a symmetrical, diamond-esque handle capped by bolsters on both ends. The main blade is the recognizable GEC-style clip point, and a smaller pen blade folds out of the other end. This setup matches that of the very first batch of Conductors, produced in 2011; the 2013 models also had a small sheepsfoot alongside the pen blade. 1095 carbon steel is the choice for both blades, of course, and they open solely via the traditional nail mark.

This was a smaller run than in previous years, too; whereas both the ’13 and ’11 runs had quite a few different scale material options, the 2020 run was restricted to just two: either antique autumn jigged bone, or Sambar stag. They seem to have been grabbed up the moment they landed with dealers, as is the way with many GEC models.

It remains to be seen how the Beer & Sausage Knife will fare in terms of availability, but we don’t have long to wait: the knife is currently in production.

Knife in Featured Image: Great Eastern Cutlery Beer & Sausage Knife