New TwoSun Folder Comes from the Mind of Prolific Designer

TwoSun is tapping into the design mind of Jelly Jerry for the TS228 Aurora, their newest release. The Aurora blends tactical design cues with something more elegant to create a pretty and functional folder.

The Aurora’s name gives away its inspiration. “I guess that I got motivated by my fascination with the world’s many strange yet beautiful phenomenons, especially space related stuff,” Jerry tells us. “I wanted to take that and put into something I can relate to; in my case that’s knives.” At 3.46 inches long, the Aurora’s blade is large enough for a multitude of chores, but the spear shape keeps it sleek and elegant. “It wasn’t intended to be a monster folder that can chop down trees or cut big ropes, but it is designed to be a gentleman’s carry knife that can do anything a folding knife is supposed to do,” Jerry explains.

There are two different ways to open the Aurora: the flipper tab, and the large chamfered blade cutout. TwoSun designs often interestingly blend high-end and entry level materials, and that’s certainly the case on the Aurora. Its blade is made from 14C28N – a nitrogen-enriched all-around performer, but not a super steel by any stretch.

Meanwhile, the handle is a cavalcade of premium materials: a titanium frame (with stainless steel insert-sporting frame lock), and a carbon fiber insert on both the front and back scales. There is a large, scooped-out chamfer or step around the perimiter of the Aurora’s handle, which has been textured for an added flourish. But Jerry says that the knife’s biggest artistic element is something that you may not notice at first: “If you look at it closely, the pivot screw is intended to be a comet, with the carbon fiber inlays as the atmosphere trail behind it,” he explains. “The comet is ripping through space with its blinding speed, and behind it is a mesmerizing Aurora night.” Thanks in part to the titanium and carbon fiber construction, the Aurora weighs a reasonable 4.52 oz.

Jelly Jerry is a relatively new name in the knife making field, but a prolific one already. This is not his first TwoSun design, and we already know that it won’t be his last. He is constantly showing off drawings for new folders, so there is no shortage of blades for the company to pick from for the next collaboration. Jelly Jerry has also produced the Delta for Kansept knives, and has more coming from them as well.

Knife in Featured Image: TwoSun Aurora

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