Liong Mah Shrinks Down the Field Duty for EDC

The newer, smaller Field Duty EDC is the next 2020 model that will be coming out from Liong Mah Designs. Mah took the popular, hard-working original and made a series of key tweaks in order to make it easier to carry and use.

“The original Field Duty came out in 2019,” Liong Mah tells us. “It was loved by many enthusiasts. For 2020, I wanted to follow up with a smaller, more EDCable model.” The original Field Duty had a 3.75-inch blade length; the new FD-EDC brings it down to 3.5 inches – enough to reduce the footprint while still keeping the M.O. of the original: an all-purpose, rugged folder ready for anything.

Equipped with a full flat grind, the 2020 FD-EDC ‘s blade made from Elmax steel and opens with an ambidextrous thumb cutout. This is a blade that can move through light chores with finesse, but also withstand the demands of heavier use. Like all of Mah’s 2020 releases, it is sporting the new SHIELD pivot system, which was created in response to users asking for a non-rotating pivot for easier maintenance. The pivot is also made from all hardened stainless steel, boosting its durability.

There’s an important change to the ergonomics, too: the forward finger choil has actually been enlarged, and while the general handle shape has been retained, Mah approached its construction in a totally different way. He took inspiration from another knife industry stalwart: “I asked Mick Strider of Strider Knives for permission to use his concept of the monoblock folder construction,” Mah explains. “Monoblock construction” means the front scale and the backspacer are made from one single piece of material – in this case either G-10 or carbon fiber. “This type of build offers a strong and solid construction for a pocket¬†knife,” Mah summarizes. The pocket clip has been changed too, to a smaller, angled clip made from stamped stainless steel and equipped with a ball bearing contact point.

Mah tells us that the FD-EDC is set to arrive next month. The knife is available for pre-order now.

Knife in Featured Image: Liong Mah Designs Field Duty EDC