HEAdesigns Joins Forces with Böker for New Production Hunter

We’ve seen hundreds of collaborations between a knife maker and a production knife company, but the number of times two companies partner up for a release is much smaller. One such collaboration is coming this fall, between Böker and boutique knife shop HEAdesigns. It will bring one of HEA’s limited run pieces, the Hunter, into a full production format with more affordable price tag.

HEAdesigns is the brainchild of Sam Abdelrahman. Abdelrahman designs knives and releases them as premium production pieces, almost always available in limited quantities. One such design was the Hunter, a 2019 release that demonstrated Abdelrahman’s penchant for exotic blade shapes and flashy handle details.

You can tell at a glance between the two that the original Hunter design has been carried over almost entirely intact on this Böker Plus rendition. The star of the show is undoubtedly its wild, 2.87-inch blade, a sort of trailing point by way of cleaver that manages to have all the conventional performance characteristics of an EDC despite its very unconventional looks. Opening is achieved through either the thumb oval on the blade, or with the front flipper tab – just as it was on its HEAdesigns-branded predecessor.

Of course, given the price point this knife is targeting (€ 95.95, or about $112), there are material changes. The original HEAdesigns Hunter’s blade was made from 154CM steel, while this one is in D2 semi-stainless. Now this is an interesting change, because D2 arguably holds an edge longer than 154CM. Of course, it does sacrifice the complete stainless the latter steel enjoys, and is also going to be a bit harder to sharpen.

The Hunter’s handle, as with many of Abdelrahman’s designs, is an essentially simple shape given a lot of personality through unusual visual flourishes. The Böker Plus Hunter’s front scale has the same technical, striated pattern cut into as the original does, and is made from periwinkle G-10 – a material and color available on the HEAdesigns predecessor too. But instead of a titanium frame lock off-side, the frame lock here is made from stainless steel, as is the sculpted clip.

This is the first time Abdelrahman has put out a design in a label other than his own. The Böker Plus Hunter is set to be available on November 5th.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Plus Hunter