Rick Hinderer Knives Adds Jurassic Folder to Growing Lineup

Rick Hinderer Knives just released the Jurassic production model. The latest knife brings new design features and a new size class to the fast-growing Hinderer lineup.

With a name like ‘Jurassic’ you might be expecting XM-24 proportions, but Hinderer’s latest is a reasonable mid-sized offering. Its 3.25” blade fills a size category that has been missing in Hinderer’s catalog – until now. His last new model was a 3-inch slip joint, and previous releases have all been 3.5-inches or larger. “I don’t have anything that fits that bill. Believe me a quarter of inch of blade makes a big difference,” Hinderer says. It may have the signature Hinderer style but the Jurassic is not part of any existing model line. “It’s a bit of a departure from my other designs,” he explains. “Customers are going to see my influence in this design, but this is a completely different knife.”

A hump backed handle and low blade angle give the Jurassic the organic look of a predator and were the inspiration for its name. “It does have that pterodactyl type look to it. The dragon scales follow that theme all the way through,” Hinderer says. The ergonomics and blade shape will excel at push cutting chores and the Jurassic would make an excellent outdoor companion. “A drop edge works a lot better for chores like that,” Hinderer asserts.

The Jurassic sports the Hinderer Modular Backspacer system, first seen on the MP-1 last year. “We’re going to have the glass breaker and all the other stuff I decided to come up with,” Hinderer says. He also plans to have different blade shapes and possibly even a non-flipper configuration of the Jurassic. Those who don’t like the dragon scale G-10 will be happy to know a standard Hinderer texture option will be available too. “I design almost all of knives in a modular format. So I’ve already started working on that.”

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With the back-to-back reveals of the XM-Slippy and the Jurassic, it has been an eventful year for Rick Hinderer Knives, and more releases are in the offing. A folding dagger should ready by June, and a remake of his classic FireTac model is in the works for August. Hinderer tells us that more variety will continue to be an important part of the company’s identity going forward. “Everybody’s going to like it because there’s going to be so much to choose from.”

The Jurassic will be arriving at dealers shortly and will set you back $425.

Knife featured in image: Rick Hinderer Knives Jurassic