Rike Poised to Release Flipper Slingshot Multitool

Rike Knives is preparing to release the SEIO 17-A, a multitool that marries a slingshot, flipper, and other tools. It was designed in conjunction with a slingshot expert with the goal of creating an unconventional but useful outdoor survival tool.

The SEIO 17-A has an unusual premise, but aside from including a flipper and slingshot, it works like any other multitool. In addition to the folding slingshot, the SEIO 17-A incorporates a 2.67-inch VG-10 blade, a saw, and a strap cutter. And, it still manages to capture the futuristic embellishments that Rike is known for.

Knife companies often partner with famous makers to access their designs. In the case of the SEIO 17-A, Rike reached out to slingshot expert Mr. Xiong. He may not be a household name for knife guys, but Rike’s Kan Tai tells us that he is a master slingshot designer. “He is a slingshot specialist. One of his original designs was illegally copied and produced by the thousands.”

Rike’s last release saw the company reduce a titanium frame lock flipper to incredibly small dimensions. The SEIO 17-A is an even more ambitious design that presented its own set of obstacles. “Challenges occurred during the assembly, because the slingshot and knife portions both have individual structures,” Tai says. Each folding component (including each of the slingshot arms) had to be able to lock in place, and space needed to be found for a sculpted pocket clip – although at 7 oz. the user might also consider carrying it in a pack or on the belt.

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A slingshot flipper may seem like a gimmick, but Tai tells us that the SEIO 17-A is designed to be a serious outdoor survival tool. “People can use it for hunting bird or fish for food in an emergency, while using the blade and additional tools for cooking or fire making,” he says. The SEIO 17-A is one of two slingshot/knife crossovers we expect to see in 2017 – also keep an eye out for the TOPS Multitool coming soon.

The SEIO 17-A will be available later in the year and pricing is still to be determined.

Knife featured in image: Rike Knives SEIO 17-A