Hoo Knives Returns with Second UK-Friendly Folder

After making its debut as a brand just earlier this year, Hoo Knives is back and working on a second knife, the V2. The V2 falls into the same knife genre as its predecessor, but with an entirely different look and mechanical characteristics.

Carl Pearson, the man behind Hoo Knives, is a lifelong knife enthusiast from Britain. Thus he created the Hoo Knives V1 as his idea of the perfect UK-friendly EDC knife. The V2 follows in that knife’s footsteps, approaching the same concept from a different angle. Its blade is an 2.9-inch drop point blade, made from S35VN and outfitted with a compound grind. Instead of a flipper, it opens with a thumb stud – albeit one with a bit of a twist. “We have ditched the flipper tab that was on our V1 and for the V2 opted for a removable and adjustable thumb stud, to allow the user to choose their preferred open style and fit,” Pearson explains. “You will be able to flip the V2 open using its thumb stud, the blade will run on ball-bearings with a double detent system to provide smooth action.

More stylistic differences can be seen on the handle. Where the V1 kept things extremely simple, the V2 has more ergonomic detailing: an angled back end, a finger groove, and a pointed finger guard. Pearson stuck to titanium for the scale materials, but incorporated some new elements in response to feedback from the knife community. “Before starting the prototyping process, I added a sharpening choil and deep carry removable ambidextrous pocket clip to the design,” he says. “Unlike the Hoo Knives V1, the back-spacer of this design is not integrated into the scales to allow for potential customization.”

Pearson also tells us he is considering blacked out versions of both the V1 and V2

The V2 cements the promise Pearson made when he talked to us that more models would follow the V1. In speaking to us of the V2, he hinted that things could change up dramatically for future releases. “Being a UK based company, we have a focus on non-locking, sub 3” designs,” he says. “However we have found our designs not only to be popular in Britain but in many other parts of the world where knife laws are more prohibitive or where people enjoy the action of a non-locking one-handed opening knife.” That being said, the idea of something with a lock has obvious appeal too. “Later down the line, we may look at producing a locking knife and I already have a few ideas up my sleeve,” teases Pearson.

Knife in Featured Image: Hoo Knives V2