Mora Releases Second Model in Wood Splitting Knife Category

The latest creation from the venerable Mora of Sweden is something a little unusual, at least for the modern knife market. Meet the Morakniv Wood Splitting Knife, a bladed implement designed for – would you believe it – splitting wood.

Mora calls this one a “knife,” but to us the term “bladed implement” is probably closer to the mark. The Wood Splitting Knife’s edge is 4.5 inches long, running straight for that entire length, with no tip at all due to its very specific design. The blade made from the company’s preferred stainless, 12C27N; this one falls well short of super steels in terms of performance, of course, but compares favorable to other steels in its class: it’s amiable on the stones and you’d have to work hard to get it to rust. And given that the Wood Splitting Knife is made to do one specific task, maintenance should be both straightforward and periodic.

The Wood Splitting Knife looks like two Mora knives were fused together at the tip, with the classic red, wooden, barrel shaped handle on both ends of the blade. Users set the blade at the top of a piece of wood that needs splittin’, and push down with both handles, moving the edge through the wood. The Wood Splitting Knife’s design means that, naturally, a traditional sheath is out of the question, but seeing as this is a single-function type of tool, it’s probably going to be relegated to a pack or tool rack anyway – and in fact a loop on one handle end provides an easy way to hang it up.

The Wood Splitting Knife is Mora’s newest take on an existing concept in their lineup. This older version has unvarnished wood handles, with pommels at the end, but the same straight, 4.5-inch blade. It is still in the Mora lineup, albeit with less distribution than many of the company’s more knifelike offerings.

As for the Wood Splitting Knife, it is starting to arrive with dealers now, with a sub-$40 price tag.

Knife in Featured Image: Mora Wood Splitting Knife