James Brand Celebrates Summer with Eco-Acetate Ellis & Elko

When we checked in with James Brand earlier in April, they had just expanded their non-knife EDC collection with the Warrick. This week, they’re celebrating the summer and all things outdoors with a new Eco-Acetate collection, featuring versions of the Ellis and the Elko with scales made from an unconventional, environmentally-friendly material.

While many knife manufacturers seek out collaborations with custom makers and designers, James Brand stands apart with its periodic partnerships with other, non-knife companies for all sorts of unique projects. The Eco-Acetate series comes from a new collab with Otis Eyewear, an Australia-based company that implements Eco-Acetate on many of its sunglasses. According to Otis and James, Eco-Acetate is made from cotton seeds and other plant matter, in a process that is harmless to living creatures and with an end product that is recyclable, sustainable, and, importantly in the case of daily use items, durable and reliable.

The Elko is a smaller, keychain-sized tool

In terms of looks, the Eco-Acetate James chose for their collection has a mottled, tortoiseshell look, with the intermingled colors being a rich brown and a soothing off-white – sort of a coffee/milk aesthetic. These models will be the latest in James’s occasional “unique material” portfolio, which also includes stuff like the recycled vinyl record-handled Abbey, and the more recent Smiles Plastics Barnes Integral.

As far as the tools themselves, nothing has changed beyond the scale materials here. The Ellis is the larger of the two, with a pair of scissors in addition to the main blade and pry bar/driver tool on the back end. The Elko, much smaller and designed for keychain carry, has a tinier blade and no scissors, just the pry bar driver back end.

Both Eco-Acetate models are available now.

Knife in Featured Image: James Brand Eco-Acetate Ellis

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