James Brand Ellis Slim is the Thinnest Full-Sized Folder in Lineup

James Brand returned to their Ellis multifunctional knife design this month. The Ellis Slim alters the 2022 Ellis design to make it the thinnest full-sized folder in their lineup.

Actually, the Ellis Slim isn’t the first time we’ve seen James revise the Ellis concept. The original Ellis released a few years prior; it was a multifunctional lock back folder with a bottle opener arm in addition to the main blade. In 2022, James revised the design, extending the prybar component and swapping out the bottle opener for a scissor arm instead. So the Ellis Slim is really the third variant we’ve seen on this particular design.

The Ellis Slim in pocket

The Ellis Slim is all about being slim; to achieve that end James Brand removed the scissor arm altogether, although they have retained the pry bar/scraper/driver head on the butt end. By so doing, they brought the thickness down by 33%, from 12mm to just 8mm – notably thinner a pack of gum, the de fact thickness comparison standard. Like the ’22 Ellis the Slim is a non-locking design; its blade is the same 2.6-inch spear too, made once again from 12C27N steel; it comes in both partially serrated and plain edge options.

You’ve also got options in terms of handle material, as the Ellis Slim is available in both aluminum and G-10 configurations. The G-10 can be black or tan; currently the aluminum model is only available with a bright yellow coloration at this time. Such a thin knife necessarily imparts a light overall weight, with this thing tipping the scales at 1.8 oz. The Ellis Slim comes with a wire, loop over pocket clip.

The Ellis Slim is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: James Brand Ellis Slim

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