Big Trailing Point Spotted on We Knife Co. Magnetron

We Knife Co. is following up the award-winning Ziffius model with another limited edition piece called the Exciton. But they also have a standard production model coming out alongside it, a large folder called the Magnetron.

You want a big knife from We? The Magnetron will fit the bill. The blade length of 3.76 inches makes it the biggest We release this month, even outrunning the aforementioned Ziffius. The in-house design team drew up this one as a trailing point, so there’s a lot of belly as that edge curves outward and upward to the upturned tip; there’s a harpoon swedge on the spine and, behind that, a jimped concavity to lock in the thumb for hard cuts or index the pointer finger for guidance during more delicate chores.

The Magnetron, unlike its recent stablemates, is a frame lock

It seems that CPM-20CV has replaced M390 in the We Knife Co. lineup; there’s not a single model with the Bohler-Uddeholm standby in this March batch, at least. Steel sticklers will know that the two formulas are more or less equivalent on paper; real world testing seem to confirm this for the most part, although of course there are outliers here and there. You can also get the Magnetron with a Damasteel blade in the Heimskringla pattern. The Magnetron opens one way and one way only, via the flipper tab/ceramic bearing combo that We Knife Co. is well known for.

There’s nothing wild to report with the handle, which is a basic humped shape with the finger groove below the guard. There are also a clutch of recurring We elements, notably the three hole cutouts in the handle, and the premium insert into its titanium frame. These inserts can be made from flamed titanium, Nebula Fat Carbon carbon fiber, or one of several other non-Fat Carbon CF formulations, including aluminum foil and copper recipes.

The Magnetron is coming soon.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Magnetron

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