We Knife Co. Follows up Award Winner Ziffius with the Exciton

If there are new Civivi knives on the docket, the We models can’t be far behind. Recently we talked about the incoming Qubit and, sure enough, it released alongside the Exciton, the next knife in We’s ongoing series of limited batch, super-premium production pieces.

The Exciton may remind you of the recently released Ziffius, another recent limited edition We knife. The Ziffius won big at Blade Show Texas earlier this month, reeling in both Best Factory Folder and Best in Show. The Exciton is nearly as big, with a blade measuring 3.68 inches; but the shape of the blade is quite different. It’s a drop point at heart, but with a very subtle compound grind to make the front edge portion and tip a bit sturdier. This brings the Exciton’s blade near to a tanto definition, although there’s not quite enough distinction between the primary and secondary edges to call it such in our opinion.

This large blade can be fired open with its flipper tab (running on ceramic ball bearings) or flicked open with the blade cutout. It’s made from 20CV, so it will take a keen edge and keep it keen for a good long while in use (for those of you brave enough to use the knife!). In keeping with many recent We Knife Co. knives, including the Qubit, the Exciton is equipped with a button lock. This also means there’s a third deployment method, where you can depress the button and wrist flick the knife out – similar to an Axis Lock flick.

It’s in the handle that the family resemblance between the Exciton and the Ziffius really comes to the fore. They’re very similar, with the same single finger groove and tapering profile. Then there’s the presence, once again, of an integral, single piece backspacer attached to the titanium frame. That backspacer can be from either titanium or carbon fiber, depending on which version you opt for. You’ve got a sculpted titanum pocket clip on tap, too; in total the Exciton weighs 3.72 oz.

The Exciton is available now. Each version is limited to around 200 pieces.

Knife in Featured Image: WE Knife Co. Exciton

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