Tommaso Rumici and Viper Go back to the Basics

Tommaso Rumici‘s latest production collaboration made its debut at IWA earlier this month. The Basic line is a family of three EDCable fixed blades, each with a different blade shape to cater to different cutting preferences.

Rumici’s work spans genres and formats; he’s produced folders of both the locking and non-locking variety, specialized tools for first responders, big fixed blades, and little ones too. The Basic knives are small fixed blades, sized and spec’d for daily carry. They bear a strong family resemblance to another Rumici/Viper collab, the Berus knives from 2020. There were two Berus models, but Rumici expanded the Basic series to include three, each with a different blade shape: a clean drop point for Basic 1, angular sheepsfoot Basic 2, and a spear point for Basic 3.

In this handmade sketch you can see the extended handle portion on the spear point Basic 3

As compact everyday carry fixed blades, the differences in blade shape seems intended to accommodate personal preference, rather than wildly change the cutting ability of the design. The choices on the Basic go beyond the blade shape, too. You’ve also got to make a metallurgical decision, choosing between D2 semi-stainless, the affordable, rugged steel we see a whole lot of these days, or, for the first time in the Viper lineup, CPM-MagnaCut.

More choices crop up when it comes to handle scale material, but let’s talk about the handle profile first. Again, the family lineage with the Berus knives is quite clear, with the same, single finger groove design in use here. You can have scales in green or black Micarta if you go for the D2 flavor; if you choose the MagnaCut model you can get it in the Micarta, or marbled carbon fiber. The Basic 3 comes with something not seen on the other versions: an extended glassbreaker-style tang. But all three Basics have a big lanyard hole and come with Kydex sheaths.

The Basic family was on display at IWA back at the start of the month. Availability isn’t set in stone yet, but Rumici has said that he expects it to be another few months at least before we see these guys on shelves.

Knife in Featured Image: Viper Knives Basic

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