Real Steel Luna Grows up with Maius Model

Real Steel Knives has returned to the Luna, a popular design from Jakub Wieczorkiewicz, for a larger follow-up. The Luna Maius brings a bigger blade, redesigned handle, and a new type of lock to the Luna family.

Released in the early fall of 2019, the Luna was RSK’s first non-locking knife release. Unless you’ve handled one, you might not know it was a slipjoint, given its thoroughly modern look and materials, but that’s what it was. The knife went on to become one of the best received RSK knives of the year, so it got a bunch of line expansions between September ’19 and now – including the frame lock Luna Boost and the budget-focused Luna Lite.

The Luna Maius’s thumb stud is removable

One thing remained consistent across all those variations, and that was the blade length: RSK and Wieczorkiewicz settled on 2.76-inch edge, a common specification for knives aiming at EDC as well as European legality. The Maius is the first Luna model to break away from that particular spec, with a scaled up, 3-inch N690Co blade. A quarter of an inch is a pretty conservative embigenning, but even small adjustments can change fundamental feel of a tool, particularly when you’re looking at something that is still fundamentally designed for everyday carry.

The Maius handle is clean and low-key, much like that of on the vanilla Luna. It is also still made form titanium, but more contoured, less slab-like, available in four different colors and sporting a diagonal textured finish. And while we have seen locking Lunas before, they have always been frame locks; here, for the first time in this model line, is a lock back mechanism, with the disengagement area situated right at the tail end of the knife. The Luna Maius weighs 4.23 oz.

The Luna Maius is available to preorder now, but isn’t expected to ship until the middle of April.

Knife in Featured Image: Real Steel Knives Luna

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