Civivi Queues up Another Button Lock with the Qubit

April may be the cruelest month, but at least there will be some new Civivi knives on the shelves by then – one of which is the Qubit, an everyday carry folder with a button lock setup and nice small footprint.

Although WE Knife Co., Civivi’s parent company, first established itself with large knife designs that wouldn’t necessarily be classed as everyday carry, Civivi focused in on EDC from the start – and that’s the role the Qubit aims at too. The spear point blade shape come in at just under 3 inches, running out to a very acute, pointy tip. This configuration brings all the necessary EDC performance attributes to bear: piercing, slicing, general matter separation. Civivi chose 14C28N for the Qubit, a recurring cast member in their corral of steels. Compared to D2, another common Civivi choice, 14C28N trades some edge retention for full stainless categorization.

As is often the case at Civivi, there’s a Damascus blade option too

This blade rides on a button lock-equipped pivot. The button lock isn’t the rarity it was a handful of years ago, where just its mere presence on a production knife would be noteworthy, but it’s something that’s clearly gaining traction in the Civivi catalog in particular, with even their flagship knife, the Elementum, seeing button lock variants at this point. The example on the Qubit works much like those that preceded it, providing a secondary opening method beyond the thumb stud in addition to reliable lockup.

All of these mechanics are housed in an aluminum handle, with matching scales front and back (besides the cutout for the button lock on the show side). At 2.82 oz. the Qubit is nice and light, and its loop over pocket clip – another familiar sight in the Civivi lineup – is reversible to either side although, as we’re seeing more and more lately, only configured for tip-up cary.

The Qubit is expected to be available at the tail end of this month – Civivi says tomorrow, the 29th. It will be arriving with some new variants of existing models as well as some new stuff from the We side of things – stay tuned for that.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Qubit

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