TOPS Breaks the Karambit Finger Ring on the Papa Delta

There’s a new knife out from TOPS, and it’s called the Papa Delta. Despite the name, the Papa Delta is a little guy, designed as an extremely low profile defensive knife.

This one comes from Leo Espinoza himself, CEO of TOPS Knives. Like the company he heads up, Espinoza may be known for making big knives, but really has quite a bit of range as a designer. For instance, he also created the Quickie, another very tiny self-defense knife. In fact the Papa Delta has some specs in common with its older brother, specifically a blade length of 1.63 inches. In keeping with the tactical mindset informing the design, its shape is a stubby dagger, ground with a double edge. TOPS followers will not be surprised to hear that the blade steel here is 1095, in this case given a bronze coating to ward off rust.

The finger ring is opened up on the end to allow for dropping the knife if necessary

Ergonomics are always important in knife design, and they get more complicated the smaller a knife gets. Add on top of that the specific considerations inherent in making a knife intended for self-defense, and we’d imagine that Espinoza had his work cut out for him drawing up the Papa Delta’s handle. In the end he settled on a narrow, skeletonized frame, divided into two concavites by a finger point.

Like the aforementioned Quickie, the Papa Delta has a finger ring on the back end – however, it’s an incomplete finger ring, broken open on its back end. According to TOPS, this was a purposeful decision to create a finger ring that can still be used to index the hand and provide some added grip security, but that allows the user to drop the knife without fuss if the need arises. The Papa Delta comes with a tiny Kydex blade sheath, with a loop to accommodate neck carry, although TOPS says the 1.1 oz. knife can just as easily be carried in more traditional places, like the belt or pocket.

The Papa Delta is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: TOPS Papa Delta

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