KnivesShipFree Innovates Again with SurroundSerration Technology

We know KnivesShipFree first and foremost as a knife dealer; but the company has an extensive Research and Development arm, pushing knife technology forward by leaps and bounds with every release. This year KSF CEO and head of R&D J Rouch may have outdone himself, giving new meaning to the term “cutting edge” with the Lacerator Mk. 5, the first completely serrated knife.

“When you think about it, aren’t all knives only partially serrated?” asks Rouch as he applies a fresh bandage to his index finger. “Most parts of your average knife – the handle, clip, pivot – have no edge at all, let alone a serrated one!” For Rouch, this severe lack of serrations has been a sticking point since he was a kid. He alludes to his first serrated knife, purchased many moons ago. “It only had 3.5 inches of serrations!” he laments. Even today, as a dealer who regularly handles the best of the custom and production worlds, Rouch can’t help but notice all the unsharpened surfaces left on this quality cutlery. “Who says you should only have serrations on the blade?”

Designed for truly legendary cutting ability and edge life, the Lacerator Mk. 5 packs serrations across the entire length of its tanto blade – including the spine. But that was just the start for Rouch, leveraging a new piece of knife tech called SurroundSerration (patent pending), which gives the handle its own complete set of 360-degree serrations. “Imagine being able to cut rope with your knife’s handle, or break down a box with the pivot screw,” says Rouch as he points to that piece of hardware on the Lacerator, which has also been fully serrated. “Have you ever wanted to slice bread with a pocket clip? Well, now you can.”

With SurroundSerration tech, the Lacerator has an effective cutting-edge length well north of a foot. It’s also the most lefty-friendly knife ever conceived because it can be held in any way you want and still slice. “SurroundSerration lets each user decide where the blade begins, and where it ends,” Rouch continues. “No longer do we have to be bound by traditional definitions of what is and isn’t a blade.”

Rouch goes on to say that the Lacerator’s serrations can do more than just cut. “SurroundSerration completely redefines the way we think about knife ergonomics,” he tells us. “The Lacerator’s handle serrations are sharper than any jimping I’ve ever seen. When you take the Lacerator in hand, you’ll have no doubt that it’s the grippiest knife on the market!”

Concerns about edge retention are now a thing of the past. The Lacerator can go years without needing to be touched up. “Serrations stay sharper longer, everyone knows that,” says Rouch. “SurroundSerration means that if one portion of the Lacerator dulls, you can just turn it around and use another part.” The Lacerator excels in the carry department too; the serrated No-Slip Clip bites into any material, ensuring that your new Forever Knife will be right where you want it when you need it. “The clip by itself has more live edge than your average EDC knife,” Rouch proudly notes.

The Lacerator is arriving today, exclusively on the KSF website. It’s a release that has been a long time in the making, with Rouch’s team working through four previous prototypes before getting to the full release. We asked Rouch about the prototype process, Lacerators Mk. 1 – 4. He merely winced and hid his hands behind his back.

“Don’t ask.”

The release of the Lacerator Mk. 5 is accompanied by another huge announcement from KnivesShipFree: to celebrate his supremely serrated creation, Rouch is indefinitely offering FREE shipping on all orders made through the KSF.

Knife in Featured Image: KnivesShipFree Lacerator Mk. 5

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