Boker and Poltergeist Works Craft New Balisong

Jakub Wieczorkiewicz is back with Boker, readying something unique for his sophomore effort with the company. The Faction is Wieczorkiewicz’s take on the balisong genre, infusing it with both his particular visual hallmarks and a general EDC sensibility.

In both handle and blade design, the Faction is just what you’d expect a Poltergeist Works bali to look like. First let’s look at that 3.74-inch blade. The slim, almost symmetrical drop point shape brings the Real Steel Luna to mind, a model which Wieczorkiewicz recently expanded with the larger Maius variant. While the Maius is bigger than the original Luna, it is still dwarfed by the Faction, which has a blade length of 3.74 inches – big, but not that big in the grand scheme of balisongs, which tend to have blade lengths north of four inches. In fact, the official literature from Boker describes the Faction as an everyday carry knife, fit for handling any of the usual day-to-day cutting jobs.

This is a Boker Plus model, but situated on the higher end of that line’s price range, so the Faction’s blade is made from S35VN. Not so long ago S35VN was a high watermark in powder metallurgy, although it has since been superceded not only by its own direct sequel, S45VN, but a whole suit of next gen super steels. But while not the newest of the new, S35VN still fits the everyday carry remit like a glove, with good edge retention and stain resistance in particular.

The Faction is a balisong, so you already know how it opens. The swinging handle halves are made from titanium, but Wieczorkiewicz chose not to make his bali with the usual cutouts in the scales; evidently his intention was to make the knife look sleeker when open. Wieczorkiewicz also outfitted the two swinging pivots with his signature oversized bird’s eye hardware, a flourish carried through on lots of his production and custom stuff. Reinforcing that everyday carry concept, the Faction comes with a (right hand, tip up only) loop over pocket clip.

This is the second Wieczorkiewicz production collaboration with Boker. He’s probably best known in the production for his Real Steel collabs, like the aforementiond Luna, but he did roll out the Connector with the Solingen-based brand last year.

Knife in Featured Image: Boker Plus Faction

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