Jason Knight Brings Back His Take on the Bird and Trout

Bladesmith Jason Knight has a fresh batch of the Jurassic Bird and Trout out now, a little knife with a pretty long history in Knight’s lineup.

The Jurassic was first designed and produced back in 2012. Knight, best known for large knives, wanted to create small knife that could hang with its bigger brothers. That’s what the “Jurassic” in the name really indicates: this is definitely a “bird and trout” pattern, but burlier and with more straight-up attitude than the traditional versions. Knight’s Jurassic had been out of circulation for about ten years before he decided to bring it back recently.

This ’23 batch comes with 2.95 drop point blades made from 80CrV2, a carbon steel that, as is often the case with steels in that class, is very durable, while being no slouch in the edge holding department either. An acid wash finish gives this tool steel a cool look and a bit of add corrosion resistance.

The Jurassic’s harpoon

In recent years, Knight has focused on diversifying his offerings – not just in terms of design, but in terms of materials and accessibility; last year he took the big step of Kickstarting a production knife under his own label, the diminutive Hummingbird fixed blade. The Jurassic falls in between the high end forged pieces Knight made his name with, and the production collaborations/Kickstarter pieces; he calls it a “shop-made” knife because, while they are not forged, every one is worked on by hand, either by himself or his collaborator on this project, Josh Morgan of Primitive Woodsman.

The Jurassic Bird and Trout returns alongside another, new collaboration, the new Sindri series. Made in conjunction with father-son makers Winburn Steel, the Sindri series will consist of an extremely limited run of swords; Knight and the Winburns kicked things off with the Nattvandrere, a shortsword inspired by both Anglo-Saxon and Chinese bladecraft. This one is as custom as it can get, and Knight says that there will be, at most, a few Sindri bladse produced each year.

The Jurassic Bird and Trout will be available tomorrow at 9am, EST. The Nattvandrere will be available to ogle and, for one lucky spender, purchase, at Blade Show, which opens its gates tomorrow, Friday June 2nd at 11am EST; stay tuned to KnifeNews for more coverage of the goings-on!

Knife in Featured Image: Jason Knight Jurassic Bird and Trout

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