Jason Knight Talks Massively Successful Hummingbird Kickstarter

Jason Knight launched a massively successful Kickstarter in late November for the Hummingbird, a wallet-friendly fixed blade that brings the Knight aesthetic into a new, accessible place in the market.

With a blade length of just 2.4 inches, the Hummingbird is much smaller than the imposing choppers Knight is known for. But he points out that his style fits naturally into this new size class. “Ultimately, a knife is a tool that cuts materials,” Knight tells us. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s tape on a package, a string, or a vegetable. Although my larger blades are obviously capable of chopping and cutting with more power, the Hummingbird’s design maintains all their most important design features. It just does it on a smaller scale.”

The Hummingbird is meant to fit into the true EDC role that most of us rely on a folder for. “I envision it filling the same role as an EDC folding knife but even more user-friendly because it’s simpler and easier to access,” Knight explains. Knife nerds will be familiar with Knight’s signature sharkfin clip blade shape; it’s a profile that Knight has played with for years, with a core of solid utility underneath its stylish silhouette – and it’s that utility that Knight says will come to the forefront when users carry the Hummingbird. “The more you use a knife for everyday chores like opening packages, the more you appreciate its function—and the advantages of a simple, straightforward design like the Hummingbird.”

The Hummingbird comes with a black wash blade in either handle configuration

The Hummingbird will be hitting the shelves with a sub-$100 price point, so the materials on offer were chosen to maximize performance without inflating the cost. Its blade steel is AUS-10A, a close relation to AUS-8 that brings a bit more bang for the buck compared to that old standby. The handle scales (laid over a full tang construction of course) are made from either black or green G-10, and the 1.59 oz. knife also comes with a Boltaron sheath.

The Hummingbird Kickstarter blew past its low asking amount in double time – approximately ten minutes after the project was launched. “The goal is to continue to produce the Hummingbird as a regular offering under the Knight Elements brand,” Knight says. “With the success of the Kickstarter project and its affordable price point, the Hummingbird has the momentum to be established as an ongoing production.” The Elements line, if you didn’t know, is the former Forged in Fire judge’s production label.

And as for variations, Knight had this to say: “A lot of that will depend upon the feedback we receive from our customers. The design of the Hummingbird really reflects my signature style. That style and the function it offers translate well to many different sizes. I definitely plan to produce other variations of it in the future, but it’s too soon to talk about specifics.”

The Hummingbird Kickstarter is still open. It runs through December 27th. The knives are expected to start shipping in April 2023.

Knife in Featured Image: Knight Elements Hummingbird

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