Ray Laconico Debuts Latest Custom Model, the Ekko

Ray Laconico put the finishing touches on a new custom model over the weekend. It’s called the Ekko, and it’s Laconico’s latest everyday carry knife, with a hardworking blade shape that stands out in Laconico’s oeuvre.

With the Ekko’s blade, Laconico entered some murky nomenclatural waters. What do you call this one? Modified wharnie? Sheepsfoot? A modified drop point? Well if the terminology is confusing, the utility of the 3.2-inch blade is not: with some straight edge, some belly, and a usefully situated point, the Ekko looks like its capable of tackling a huge swathe of everyday cutting chores. There’s a front flipper and a thumb oval on the blade for opening purposes, which gives the Ekko an element of ambidexterity, although it is still “handed” to a degree due to its lockup (see below).

Laconico has already stated, and delivered on, an intention to experiment with different grinds on the Ekko, varying them according to his mood with each one he makes. We’ve seen finished Ekkos with a flat grind and swedge-sporting hollow grind, as well as an unground Ekko that looks set up for a compound grind. Steels may vary as well, as they often do in the custom world, but so far Laconico has stuck with – any guesses? That’s right: MagnaCut, 2022’s star steel by a country mile.

Laconico mapped out three different grinds for the Ekko

The handle design on the Ekko is restrained in a way that echoes other Laconico knives, most especially (on the production side at least) the Gemini. There’s more angularity here than on the Gemini, particularly in the area beneath the finger groove, but overall the effect here is, as is usual with Laconico, organic and clean. The Ekko’s frame is all titanium, and it comes with a frame lock setup (making it more righty than lefty friendly currently). Laconico topped it off with a titanium pocket clip, which looks robust but not as thick as your average sculpted clip.

Laconico does not currently take orders, preferring to sell finished knives through his IG when they’re ready. That will be the way to get the Ekkos when they’re done, so if you’re interested in one of these his account is the one to follow.

Knife in Featured Image: Ray Laconico Ekko

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