Jens Ansø Blends Pocket Knife and Pocket Art with the Monaco

Urban EDC Supply is bringing out a never-before-seen design from returning collaborator Jens Ansø. He named it the Monaco, and it sees Ansø exploring the crossroads between pocket knife and pocket art.

If you follow the larger EDC world and not just knives, you’ll know that there’s a major interested among enthusiasts for worry stones and similar non-functional, pocket art objects. With the Monaco, Ansø riffed on the genre, blending it with the undisputed functionality of a pocket knife. “[It] was designed to be a small utilitarian design but at the same time almost a talisman,” he says. “Like a small worry stone that happen to be a knife.”

The utilitarian aspect comes through in the blade, a 1.75-inch spear point with a faux-dagger grind. It’s just big enough to move past the keychain/backup knife classification for many users, and the M390 steel ensures edge retention befitting a modern, high-end production folder. Ansø also points out that the Monaco has all the fidget factor that collectors look for. “It handles and flips really well which is hard to accomplish on such a small blade.”

The leftmost model has scales made from bronze; the other two have titanium handles

In keeping with the worry stone conceit, the Monaco’s handle consists of two contoured titanium or bronze slabs, giving the knife a pleasing heft without making it actually heavy (the Ti model weighs 2.4 ounces; the bronze 3.2). All versions come with a deep-cut wave motif engraved on them, further adding to the tactile and artistic qualities here. A reversible titanium pocket clip lets this little knife tuck away inconspicuously in a main or watch pocket.

As mentioned above, the Monaco is an all new Ansø design. “I previously named a small run of custom folders the Monaco….but I figured it could be used well on this piece,” Ansø explains. “My most popular small custom model folder is the Monte Carlo so I kinda had a thing for the area.” He also tells us not to expect any sort of custom variant at this point. “I don’t plan to make any custom versions of this design so this is a one time chance to get it.”

Your one-time chance begins later today, at 12pm Pacific/3pm EST, when preorders open on Urban EDC Supply’s website. Preordering the Monaco gets you a $30 discount compared to the full MSRP once it arrives.

Knife in Featured Image: Urban EDC Supply Monaco