Terrain 365 De-Autos Michael Vagnino’s P38

Custom maker and Terrain 365 co-founder Michael Vagnino is bringing out a second production version of his P38, the P38-AT. This time around, this classic Vagnino design comes with altered opening mechanisms for users who don’t want automatic deployment.

“The P38 is one of my most enduring and popular folder designs I’ve done over the years,” Vagnino reflects in Terrain 365’s press release. The knife marries modern folder mechanics with a sleekly traditional bolstered construction. The blade is an every so slightly quirky take on the drop point shape, with a narrow profile running out to a strong, centered tip – this thing borders on a spear point designation. No matter what you call it, though, the blade is ready for daily work with a manageable, versatile 2.75-inch blade length.

As is often the case with custom knives, things varied a bit from model to model, with Vagnino making both manual and button-firing automatic versions. Terrain 365 took a comprehensive approach with its first production P38, the P38-DA, which took its suffix from its “double action” setup: that is, you could open it with a thumb stud, or a (single action) auto button. More opening options is often a good thing for the end user, but autos are always a bit more divisive for various reasons. So it’s no surprise Vagnino says that a non-automatic production model has been on his mind for a while. “After the double action variant, it was my intention to offer a purely manual version.”

The clip on the P38-AT differs from that on Vagnino’s custom

Purely manual is indeed what’s on offer here, as the P38-AT opens with a thumb stud and thumb stud only. The drop-spear blade shape, and ideal EDC blade length, have been retained, as has the rustproof Terravantium cobalt alloy. The auto P38 had a glow-in-the-dark cap on its firing button; that little detail has been relocated to the top of the dual thumb studs on the buttonless -AT. The no-frills handle is still comprised of carbon fiber scales and a titanium bolster, and the liner lock underneath is titanium too. One notable difference between both P38 production models and the custom is the clip; the production P38s have non-swappable, tip-up, sculpted titanium clips instead of the stamped, tip-down number on the customs. “These are an excellent production version of my custom P38s and I’m happy to be able to offer this 100% rustproof model though Terrain 365,” Vagnino concludes.

The P38-AT is live on Terrain 365’s site now.

Knife in Featured Image: Terrain 365 P38-AT