JOKR Combines an EDC Spinner and Titanium Flipper

JHO Knives will soon be satisfying buyers’ need to fidget with their innovative JOKR knife. The young company’s latest release is a titanium flipper that incorporates a finger spinner into the middle of the handle frame.

The JOKR sports a 2.36” S35VN blade and a liner lock built into its titanium handle. Both the blade pivot and the spinner ride on caged bearing systems. Even with the addition of the spinner mechanism, the JOKR weighs a mere 2.8 oz.

Company founder Jefferson Ho is upfront about the JOKR’s biggest selling point.  “There is nothing practical about a knife that spins. It’s pure fun,” he says. “Is it necessary? It is if having fun is important to you.”

Ho credits the rapid improvement of knife pivot systems as his inspiration for the idea. “The opening action of modern flippers has improved so much over the years. They are such a joy to handle,” he says. “I think most people fidget with their folding knives more than they use them.”

The fidget factor on flipper knives is so high that it has led to a cottage industry of EDC spinners. Even knife companies are starting to cash in on this craze. We Knife Co. and Stedemon have recently introduced spinners into their catalogs.

Is it a good idea to have a sharp edge integrated into something that spins so close to your fingers? “Sometimes I see comments on social media asking: ‘Is it safe?’”, Ho says. “All I can say is, if you ever have those thoughts in your mind, don’t buy it, play with something else instead.”

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Singapore-based JHO Knives is only a year old. Ho founded the company with a mission to provide unconventional products made of high-end materials at affordable prices. The JOKR will sell for $200 and pre-orders will open in a few weeks. The company says that customers should expect production to take up to 3 months.

Knife featured in image: JHO Knives JOKR Spinner Knife