Joe Flowers Joins CJRB’s Ranks with Lightweight Fixed Blade

Joe Flowers, the professional outdoorsman best known, in the our neck of the woods, for his ongoing work with Condor Tool & Knife, is partnering up with Artisan Cutlery for the first time on a new fixed blade. This as-yet-unnamed knife, releasing under the CJRB line, doesn’t deviate too far from classic outdoors knife design tenet, but spices them up with modern touches and some hidden features.

If there’s anything approaching an ironclad rule when you create a general purpose outdoors knife, it’s that simple is best when it comes to blade shape. So the Flowers fixed blade has a bulbous drop point blade that measures 4 inches even, which make it ready for all sorts of outdoors work, whether that be strenuous chopping or the more detail-oriented jobs needed at a campsite. The saber grind gives the edge the requisite amount of toughness, and the expected AR-RPM9 blade steel gives users well-balanced performance in the other key areas as well.

On the surface, the handle is equally simple, if not more so. There’s a finger guard, a flared pommel, and a bellied-out portion in between that keeps things comfortable during hard work. But the Flowers fixed blade also checks another box for outdoorspeople by being as lightweight as possible. To that end, it is coming out in three different flavors so users can choose how much they prioritize that particular trait.

The scaleless version of the knife

With G-10 scales, the Flowers fixed blade weighs 3.53 oz.; with Micarta, 3.35 oz. But a scaleless model is also available, and that one takes the weight all the way down to 2.47 oz. Moreover, without the scales attached, the secondary features of the knife are visible. Cut into the tang is a series of hex drivers, doubling as weight-saving skeletonization. The Flowers fixed blade comes with a Kydex sheath and a paracord lash.

Joe Flowers is a well-known name in the fixed blade genre. He has created dozens of designs for Condor, worked with TOPS, and even released a premium version of his Terrasaur design with Fiddleback Forge.

There is no release date for the CJRB Flowers fixed blade at this time.

Knife in Featured Image: CJRB Joe Flowers Fixed Blade

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