Knife Design Duo Founds New Brand with 4V Folder

Fresh new knife company BP Knives is breaking into the game with the crowdfunded McQueen, a production folding knife that blends EDC dimensions and a slick urban design with a hypertough super steel.

On a visual level, the McQueen exudes a trendy, futuristic vibe. It’s a look that company co-founder Patrick Law tells us was meant to stand out while still retaining a universal appeal. “Brian [McDonald, the other BP Knives co-founder] and I designed the Mcqueen to be a real every day carry knife and not just another everyday knife,” he says. “Our intention was for this knife to go with you from your place of work, to a wedding, to the backcountry, and back again without ever looking out of place.”

The 2.5-inch blade’s shape isn’t a complicated one, but there’s some unusual character in its grind, which has a secondary edge bevel along the curving forward portion of its length. The secondary edge may add a little bit of resiliency to the tip. The McQueen’s blade is opened with a long thumb cutout, and it secures with something that BP Knives is calling the Cam Lock, which is their take on the Axis Lock-style, spring-controlled crossbar mechanism.

The McQueen has a minimalist handle, held together with just two screws

But the surely most interesting element of the McQueen’s blade is its steel: 4V, a very desirable semi-stainless super steel. Law says that their choice was driven solely by practical, performance-oriented research. “We went through a pretty rigorous selection process for the knife steel. We did a lot of research on what was available and what each steel’s main attributes are and how they were best related to what the end user would need and require.” In fact, McDonald created an entire graph to chart their findings in this area. “CPM4V is extremely tough and gives us  exceptional edge retention while still being easily sharpened. the corrosion resistance is still well above what is required in almost every scenario,” Law summarizes.

When it came to the lock, both Law and McDonald shared a distaste for the frame lock and a deep respect for the Axis Lock – so they took that as a template for a mechanism of their own devising. “Functionally the Cam Lock and the Axis lock are similar,” Law notes. “We referenced the Axis Lock as we believe it is the best lockup design currently on the market.” McDonald worked hard to create an ambidextrous mechanism that kept the part count and the disassembly process as low and easy as possible. “Brian…has made great efforts to simplify the mechanism to create a knife that allows for easier end user maintenance, unlike the disassembly nightmares that are on the market today.” He says the total part count is just 11 parts, with only two screws necessary to keep the steel scales together.

BP Knives is a company founded by Patrick Law and Brian McDonald. The McQueen is BP Knives’s first release. It wa successfully funded on Kickstarter last month, and is going to start shipping in December. “We have an extensive lineup planned, some of which has been designed and is in the process of being designed,” Law reveals. He says that a large folder with a 4-inch blade will be next up. “This knife is going to be pretty unique, especially compared to what is currently offered in the market.” And the duo isn’t finished with the McQueen yet, either. “We have two alternative blades designed for it, as well as some interest in different handle materials,” Law explains.

The McQueen Kickstarter is over, but a second preorder is scheduled for November or December.

Knife in Featured Image: BP Knives McQueen

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