Justin Lundquist Brings Baby Barlow to Production

Justin Lundquist is prepping the full production release of his Baby Barlow flipper knife design. Until now the knife was only available in a very limited custom capacity.

The Baby Barlow aims to encapsulate the charms and utility of the classic Barlow pattern in a very modern manner. Its cutting edge is a 2-inch long clip point blade, made from M390 blade steel. And while Lundquist’s clip blade does have a French cut milled into it, it’s there purely for accent: the Baby Barlow’s blade folds completely into the handle, and the knife is only openable via a unique, symmetrical flipper tab on the very top of the knife.

“I wanted to keep clean lines on the knife as much as possible but still have the flipping action of a flipper or front flipper,” Lundquist tells us. His Kizer-produced Feist model sported a front flipper, but the Baby Barlow’s mechanism is a little different. Crescent shaped, it’s situated in the centerline of the knife so users can roll a finger over it to bring the blade out. Lundquist says this quirky feature took hours and hours of testing and tweaking to get right, but that the end result is worth it. “It can be flipped very intuitively with the index finger or you can use your thumb in a sideways motion. It’s a rad flipping action.”

Lundquist teamed up with Fox Knives of Maniago, Italy for the production of the Baby Barlow; the knife is the first in the Urban Series from EDC gear purveyor Urban EDC Supply. He tells us that 2019 will be a good year for getting more blades out into the market. “I have 3-4 other design collaborations with different companies in the works right now,” he shares with us. “I hope to see at least two of those other projects released in 2019.” He points us to a teaser he posted on Instagram for a WE Knives collab. “I think this one is the closest to being released so I’m getting excited for it.”

The Baby Barlow is available exclusively from Urban EDC Supply. It is available for preorder now and expected to ship in November.

Knife in Featured image: Justin Lundquist Baby Barlow (Image Credit: Urban EDC Supply)